Professional Photography


Person + Persona

A Major PHotography project exploring performers' duality in burlesque

This series of diptychs explores the essential duality of each performer. The first portrait of the pair is an environmental portrait of the performer as their quotidian self, as the “person” referenced in this section title. This photographic portrait will provide the context of whom the offstage person is, in an environment that is indicative of whom the individual is in ‘real life.’ The photographs are typically at the performer's home, although potentially at work or some other location of particular relevance to presenting a fully contextualized portrait of the person.

The second portrait is the person’s created stage persona in the persona’s fully realized personality and dynamic character. This portrait is not presented within context or environment, and is photographed on a plain mono-chromatic background. In this rendition, the persona is the sole and entire story of the photograph, excluding context to focus solely on the dynamism and creativity of the persona.

As diptychs, by their nature, Person & Persona explores the relationship of each on-stage persona with their 'real,' quotidian identity.