Professional Photography


Jessie + Talis

multi-year photography project telling the story of jessie & Talis Kadzejs

One of my major projects for exhibition is the documentary series about Jessie & Talis Kadzejs, a mostly homeless family who live in the Missoula, Montana area. I first met Jessie & Talis in August of 2013 and they graciously opened their lives to me for several days so I could begin spent quietly and unobtrusively documenting their life together. And although their life is not easy, and they are undoubtedly poor, they also live with resilient pride, generous openness and hope. This series has been exhibited at multiple galleries in the United States so far in 2014.

In July of 2014 I returned to Missoula to continue telling their story. Now with their new baby Elise, Jessie & Talis continue their efforts to stabilize their living situation while also giving their newborn a consistent place to live.

One final note. Each print is for sale and all proceeds go to two benefits. One is to fund the continuation of this story in years to come and would be applied to my travel expenses to collaborate further with Jessie, Talis & Elise. Once these basic expenses are covered, funds will also be shared with the Kadzejs family to help them improve their living situation. Please consider the purchase of a print or a donation to fund this important project.